Cloud Acceleration Workshop


Cloud technology can be a huge lever to transform delivery of products and services in an organisation, but the journey often struggles to deliver business value due to lack of end-to-end ownership and diverse technical requirements. Despite Digital Transformation being a key requirement the correct mechanisms to collaborate effectively are sometimes lacking.

Kasna’s Cloud Acceleration Workshop quickly aligns various stakeholders on a plan to establish or uplift a cloud environment. We provide the necessary inputs to ensure that the business goals associated with a key initiative or value stream are the primary measurements of early success. We output a clear path to return value on investment in the cloud, incorporating the best practices learned from previous enterprise cloud deployments, ensuring repeatability of success across the technology estate.

Whether you are an organisation considering an initial move to cloud, one of the many organisations maturing an existing cloud strategy, or invoking a multi-cloud approach, a proven approach to delivering business value quickly on a secure, regulated cloud platform can help with:

  • Better time to market and agility in delivery
  • Higher quality and customer centricity of products
  • Lower delivery costs and better efficiency
  • Increased security and compliance
  • Alignment of internal teams to reduce friction and speed delivery


The Cloud Acceleration is a 4-8 hour workshop which focuses on several key value streams or initiatives, and helps to identify:
  • Business objectives for the selected initiatives or value streams
  • Delivery process from idea to execution
  • Key opportunities to leverage Cloud to uplift the value stream
  • Key opportunities to use DevOps & Continuous Delivery to uplift the value stream
  • Waste processes to be eliminated
  • A backlog for rapid establishment or uplift of a Cloud Environment
  • Next steps to finalise assessment and commence the build phase
  • A business case to validate the intended investment and return

Kasna leverage several group activities and collaborative sessions to gain input during the workshop. Following the workshop Kasna will collate information and provide a set of recommendations along with an initial backlog of work and replay of business objectives as suggested KPIs.


The workshop requires participation from areas across organisational silos to ensure that technology delivers value to the hands of a businesses customers and stakeholders. To align and create collaboration effectively this requires the following participants for each value stream or initiative:

  • Business leaders responsible for strategy
  • Product owners
  • Business Analysts
  • Development leaders
  • Test Managers
  • Delivery Managers
  • Operations, Support & Network Managers
  • Cloud Operations or Strategy teams
  • Enterprise Architects

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