Data and Analytics on Google Cloud

Like Google, Kasna’s mission is to turn the world’s data into useful information, and Google’s extensive suite of Smart Analytics services spearheaded by BigQuery brings the power of Google inside your organisation. 

Kasna has extensive digital delivery, cloud architecture, and data engineering experience to enable and accelerate your organisations’ adoption of these game-changing technologies.

Google Cloud’s data technologies allow for a fully managed and serverless data platform solution while eliminating the management of infrastructure. It also elevates performance and scale while focusing on providing enterprise-wide actionable insights and data exploration.

Data Platform Architecture and Build

Kasna can design and develop a Data Lake and Data Warehouse, customised for your business needs. These solutions are automated and scalable, which means it can be very quickly set up and easily managed by your team.

We achieve this by bringing disparate data sources together to form a single source of truth through automated and secure streaming, batch data pipeline ingestion and transformation patterns.

Data Warehouse Migration

At Kasna, we have extensive experience migrating both large scale on-premise and cloud-based data warehouses to Google Cloud. We’ve had experience migrating from:

  • Oracle
  • Teradata
  • SAP
  • AWS and Azure data warehouses

Business Intelligence and Smart Analytics

It’s important that you share the right information to the right audiences, in the right way to ensure you’re maximising the valuable insights gained from your data.

We can help ensure that your valuable data is accessible across your enterprise via user-design-focused and BI-driven solutions such as Connected Sheets and through various API’s.

Solution Accelerators

Kasna Insights from Data (KID) is our opinionated Google Cloud foundational data platform. We can stand up a ready-to-go, in production, fast, scaleable, modular and centralised data analytics platform capability ready to ingest your data and accelerate the time to insights.

The Areas Kasna Can Help On Your Data and Analytics Journey

  • Data & analytics strategy
  • Data assessments and health checks
  • Data Lakes 
  • Data Warehousing
  • Architecture and development
  • Data ingestion, integration, and streaming
  • Data security
  • Data governance
  • BI design and data visualisation

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