Data Workshop


Businesses today are moving from descriptive statistics and business analytics dashboards, to analysing vast quantities of structured and unstructured data, predicting outcomes before they arise, automating processes and guiding decision making in real time. This process drives optimized business models and competitive advantage. While most Australian businesses are sitting on a goldmine of data, they are often unable to unlock it’s true potential. A recent survey found only 13% of enterprises highly confident in an ability to deliver this key capability.*

Disparate islands of data have lead some enterprises to attempt expensive on premise big data and analytics projects, many of which have failed. Talent shortages in Data, Artificial Intelligence and Security set against intense peak processing demand and plethora of tools available have contributed to these failures. Resulting architectures are often unable to deliver a data-native capability to the organisation, and in many cases the organisation is not ready to build on this.

*Forbes Insights Report


Capabilities and Solutions
  • Overview of the current technology landscape and problem spaces
  • Overview and triage of your technology environment and challenges
  • Demos and walkthroughs of example solution architectures
  • Hands on with tools and resources
Data and architecture whiteboard sessions
  • Discuss use case and objectives
  • Review and understand existing environment architecture
  • Sketch out proposed new cloud environment architecture
Solutions Feasibility Discussion
  • Discuss and prioritize potential business use cases
  • Map of GCP functionality to address business and technical requirements
  • Understand what a PoC or MVP looks like
  • Security, regulation, technology and business constraints/blockers
  • Create backlog of technical and business stories


  • Business people who own the opportunity
  • Data Engineers
  • Architects
  • Cloud Team
  • Data/Analytics team
  • Security and Risk teams

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