004: The Big Spend

By November 26, 2021 No Comments
GCP Life Podcast - A Google Cloud Podcast

“I can’t see any problem with that!” – In this show we discuss Unicast use of the formerly reserved 127/8, an NPM Bug, the Digital Future Initiative, Kubernetes operators, Second zone in Sydney, Google & AWS battle, Skill badges, and The Great Resignation.

Show Page: GCP Life Podcast
Hosts: Stephen Bancroft, Ira Bailey, Troy Bebee
Show Notes: NVIDIA GTX 2060 Rumor, Unicast Use of the Formerly Reserved 127/8, NPM Bug, Digital Future Initiative, Kubernetes Operators, Second zone in Sydney, Google Cloud May Have Won The Latest Round Of Its Battle Against Amazon Web Services,COP26, Network Chuck  Skill Badges, The Great Resignation