Google Cloud Crash Course for Women


Kasna noticed a glaring lack of women and non-binaries in Cloud and DevOps Engineering, and we wanted to work out why. As we questioned and explored more, we came to realise that many women were not actively choosing not to be a part of the Cloud, they had just never heard of it or were unfamiliar with the concepts. We wanted to be a part of the solution to this problem, which is why we have started free Introduction to Cloud and DevOps Engineering workshops for gender minorities in tech.

Our workshop will cover very basic and preliminary cloud concepts, and is intended for an audience who have some familiarity with tech but no familiarity with the cloud. Even if you are starting with very little tech knowledge, we encourage you to come along and give cloud a go!

The workshop is a free, Kasna-led mission to begin to familiarise women with cloud computing as a means of increasing the proportion of women in cloud and DevOps Engineering.

By the end of the workshop, you will be familiar with:
  • A brief explanation and history of infrastructure prior to the cloud
  • What cloud and DevOps Engineering is (and why it is a field to move into)
  • Who Kasna is and why we use Google as our cloud of choice
  • Deploying applications into the cloud


We want to see more gender diversity in our space, and aim to do so by:
  • Increasing the interest for cloud and DevOps engineering amongst gender minorities in the tech industry
  • Allowing the resources for gender minorities to grow and thrive in the cloud space
  • Facilitating a workshop made by those underrepresented in tech, for those underrepresented in tech


We are in Melbourne and Sydney for our first Intro to Cloud Computing Workshops!

Our workshop dates are as follows:


Wednesday the 18th of March, 6pm-8pm
Kasna Office
Level 2, 452 Flinders Street, Melbourne 3000


Wednesday the 11th of March, 6pm-8pm
Kasna Office
Level 7, 309 George Street, Sydney 2000

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