Helping People & Culture Teams with Google Workspace Automation

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Here at Mantel Group, we’re growing fast. The company was created in 2017 but today it has grown to over 500 employees and the highest growth rate has been achieved in the last year. 

As well as the high growth rate, Mantel Group has a high focus on people and wishes to develop the strongest culture and employee experience in Australia and New Zealand within the consulting and professional services industries. Mantel Goup today continues to build new brands both organically and through acquisitions, and is actively creating a new work environment whereby geography is not a factor.

With all this in mind, it was important to embark on a number of initiatives to assist the People & Culture teams with a number of day to day tasks that would free up time that can be better spent looking after the needs of the ever expanding group of people at Mantel Group. Read about Mantel Group’s journey to Workspace in a Google Case Study here.

Mantel Group is a heavy user of Google Workspace already and has in its house of brands one of the leading Google Partners in ANZ; Kasna. Kasna has a new Collaboration team with years of experience who were happy to assist in creating some wonderful automations using the existing tools in the platform. Here is a list of the tools that are included in all Google Workspace versions that we use for these automations:

Onboarding and Offboarding Automations With Google Workspace

The key to being able to scale your business when employee growth rate is high is being able to onboard and offboard quickly. Traditionally this can be an arduous task for IT and People teams as checklists can be large and tasks often get forgotten. This can cause serious security issues. Google Workspace integrates nicely with many human resources and finance applications already, but at Mantel Group, we worked closely with the Kasna Google Workspace teams to implement a number of further automations to help our teams get work done.

How it all works

  • The Talent team kicks off this process by completing a Google Form which is connected to an Onboarding Google Sheet
  • This triggers a number of activities in the background with Google Apps Script
  • Emails are sent automatically to the CEOs of each brand and Talent team along the way to provide visibility of the process
  • New hires also use Google Forms to enter their payroll information securely
  • Google Sheets uses a connector to Okta to onboard a new starter to all of our tools and systems

Handling Induction Sessions with Google Workspace

Mantel Group requires all staff to attend a number of induction sessions once they start work at the company so they have the best knowledge of the systems and processes to hit the ground running. 

Before this script was created, the Mantel Group P&C team would have to add all new starters to a series of calendar events manually every Monday morning for all new starters. This task would take a considerable amount of time and would be prone to human error in transferring data from a spreadsheet to multiple calendar events spread out over a month.

A script was designed to eliminate all of these issues so the team could spend more time with the people of Mantel Group.

How it all works

  • The program works by using Google Apps script to read off the live Onboarding Google sheet automatically that is used by People and culture to onboard all users and pull only the new starter data into a new Google sheet
  • The onboarding sheet is populated via Google forms
  • There is also a Google Calendar and the recurring induction events are created here in advance.
  • All new starters are added to the next available events in the calendar automatically
  • An email is sent to all new starters with the list of their induction sessions
  • Automatic attendance tracking in Google Meet is turned on for all events is turned on

“Partnering with the Kasna Collaboration team has made an incredible impact on the way our business welcomes our new starters to their induction schedules. Previously, the People & Culture team were manually scheduling induction sessions every week, which led to a huge upkeep of calendar administration, plus often led to human error. The Kasna team has helped us automate this process, giving our new starters a seamless experience from day 1.”

Emily Martyn
People, Culture & Talent Partner | Mantel Group

Managing Multiple, Large And Complex Recurring Meetings via Google Forms and Google Calendar

Mantel Group is a principle based organisation – our decisions and behaviour are driven by our 5 principles. As part of this the Mantel group runs up to 50 sessions every year as part of a leadership series.

These Principle based sessions are a Leadership framework unique to Mantel Group and designed to support team members of every role lead in a principle based and led organisation. 

All employees of Mantel Group are invited to attend and choose which sessions they wish to attend. Sessions additionally have capped limits.

Attendees sign up with a Google form and are added to events manually based on the availability of the sessions. Suitable times must also be arranged for the Facilitators and they must be added to events also.

This task would take a considerable amount of time and would be prone to human error in transferring data from a spreadsheet to multiple calendar events spread out over a year.

How it all works

  • We have a secondary calendar for the sessions
  • A Google Sheet which contains all 40+ sessions, descriptions, facilitators, dates and times is used to automatically create the events in advance using Google Apps script on the secondary calendar.
  • The automation uses Google Forms to capture the sessions that the users wish to attend
  • The form has a Google Sheet as a backend which has attached Google Apps Scripts to create the automation.
  • The Google sheet with the form responses has a script that is run every day to assign users to sessions that they have signed up to. This script will:
    • Check the calendar events to see if the cap has been reached
    • Assign each user to their desired sessions based on availability
    • If a desired sessions are full then the users are put on a waitlist
    • An email is sent to users with the list of sessions that they have successfully been added to and a list of their waitlist sessions
    • Users are added to the events on Google Calendar
  • The waitlist is processed every day at a separate time to continue checking the sessions for any increased availability
    • Once a session becomes available a user is added from the waitlist and an email is sent to the user confirming that the user has been added
    • The user is also added to the calendar event
  • Reminder emails are sent to users:
    • 1 day from when the event is due
    • 1 week out from when an event is due

“The expertise of our Kasna team on automating our training sessions has been a game changer! We had been manually inviting team members to training sessions which was a clunky and time consuming experience not just for the P&C team but for anyone who was hoping to get involved in training. We took our problem to our google experts who quickly got a solution together which I didn’t know was an option. Now, our team can click on a link to choose the sessions they want to attend and they’re invited to the next available session straight away. It’s timely, easy and just works. On top of that, the team gets reminders so there is no forgetting about upcoming sessions. Now I’ve got time to focus on other areas of our business. Thank you!”

Maree Henwood
People and Culture Specialist | Mantel Group

If you would like more details about these scripts or you would like help with your workflows then please reach out to our Google Workspace Collaboration team at Kasna.

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