Hero Event

Kasna and Google Cloud recently ran an event showcasing how to use technology to run your organisations like a global tech superpower.  For those who were not able to make it here is some of what you missed.

Watch this video to get a taste of the evening including some key out takes from Xero on the important role G Suite plays in enabling an innovative culture.

Inside Google

Colin Timm provides some key insights into how the combination of technology and culture work inside Google to drive the organisation forward and how this has shaped the future of Google Cloud.

Google Cloud Roadmap

Angelo Joseph explains why Google Cloud is bringing the next major transformation shift into the way business use IT.

ANZ Case Study

Fabio Andrighetto outlines how Google Cloud has fundamentally shifted the way ANZ are able to address business requirements.

Panel Discussion

Observe and absorb some intensive panel Q&A including discussions on what steps organisations need to take to transform their business, what technologies are key to unlocking the power of an organisation, as well as why data is the differentiator.