Kasna is excited to be hosting an event in partnership with Google Cloud on Thursday 21 February. This exclusive event is a unique opportunity to hear from Google Cloud and Kasna customers about what is driving companies to adopt Cloud, innovate faster and challenge the established norms.

We’re excited to have a great range of experts join us including Colin Timm, head of Google Cloud for Australia and New Zealand, as well as executives from ANZ and Xero to share their experiences with Google Cloud and collaboration through G Suite.

Four reasons to be there


The killer feature for Google Cloud is the underlying ecosystem of cloud and line-of-business technology which digitally enable a business to operate and evolve at Google speed.


At the heart of Google is an engineering culture, a culture which places the emphasis on the engineering which creates products like no other. This event will give you more insight into the ‘Build it like Google’ culture which can help to shape and change your business. Leverage the ground-breaking innovation Google has brought to the world like Android, AngularJS, ChromeOS, Kubernetes and Go.


Opensource is now the new standardisation in technology and Google has been leading opensource with its support of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, Kubernetes and TensorFlow. With Google’s leadership, you can use opensource to change how your company creates and consumes technology. Learn how Google can change the path to productivity from thinking about VMs to thinking about services and APIs.


With every company striving to adapt to new technology and business environments, come and learn how to change your Digital Operating Model like Google does. Implement DevOps and CI/CD like Google, introduce Site Reliability Engineering and apply it to make actual change to how you operate. Find out how Google’s G Suite paves the way for collaborative thinking to cut the clutter and waste found so much in IT.

Kasna is the only pure Google partner in Australasia – with expertise in ChromeOS to GSuite to Google Cloud Platform. Attendees will find out how Google delivers cloud computing in large scale digital environments. Why opensource is so important to the future of tech – and how productivity and collaboration actually work in complex and established industries.

Our panel discussion will also take questions from the floor – which will be your chance to ask questions and get real answers from those who have direct experience in transforming businesses with Google Cloud and G-Suite in Australia.

To top it all off, the event will be hosted at Marvel Stadium which is fitting considering the event is superhero themed (image below) – all our speakers will share how you too can run your business like a global tech superpower.

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