Kasna achieves Google Cloud Machine Learning Specialisation, recognising customer success

By February 17, 2020 No Comments

Tuesday 18 February 2020 – Google Cloud specialist, Kasna, has achieved the Machine Learning specialisation as part of the Google Cloud Partner Advantage program, recognising outstanding success in applying machine learning (ML) across multiple customer projects.

To achieve the Specialisation, Kasna, working with sister company Eliiza, demonstrated positive customer outcomes in applying machine learning solutions on Google Cloud to improve business processes and customer experience. These included a project to make reading analog gas meters easier for consumers; refining sports prediction modelling for sports betting companies; and predicting wind-turbine energy generation in South Australia.

Kasna and Eliiza – both companies of technology startup Mantel Group – worked together on these projects, with the Eliiza team bringing its data science expertise and the Kasna team deploying knowledge of Google Cloud to provide a rapid, scalable and applied ML solution.

As a Google Cloud-focused Premier Partner in Australia, Kasna is distinct for maintaining an ‘everything Google’ approach and cultivating an expert team of professionals who are committed to helping clients harness the power of Google Cloud to improve their business.

Kasna CEO, Simon Poulton, said achieving the Specialisation proved more than the ability to solve some of the most difficult business problems on Google Cloud leveraging ML: “We have demonstrated an efficient transition from business problem to proof-of-value to scale, thereby monetising the experiment. Our comprehensive understanding across data and infrastructure, unique in the Australian market, allows us to quickly stand up a compliant cloud environment for handling sensitive data, such as Publicly Identifiable Information (PII), or alternatively, to tokenise that data.”

Through Kasna, Google Cloud customers can harness Google Cloud’s advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and ML capability and apply it to their own business, without having to invest in data science and machine learning capability.

“Our clients can extract the full value from the analytics platform. We’ve demonstrated this in our client projects that span digital delivery, cloud architecture and data engineering to enable the ML technologies. We’re excited to have achieved this Specialisation, which reinforces the quality of our client projects so far. It demonstrates our expertise to clients who want to reap competitive advantage from machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies,” Poulton said.

“We deeply value our partnership with Kasna and their expertise, from business and technology strategy, data engineering, network and security design, and now proven AI and ML capabilities. Together we will continue to help customers modernise their business and solve their most complex technology challenges,” said Rhody Burton, Head of Channels and Alliances for Google Cloud in Australia and New Zealand.

“Our teams work with our clients to deliver short, sharp and focused outcomes – from advisory workshops up to small squads for embedded development.”

Confirmed in January, achieving the Specialisation makes Kasna one of a few Google Cloud partners to hold the Specialisation and provide services in Australia.