Kasna RG-271

Customer service is a critical part of any successful business. This has never been more true, as the number of channels for complaints has increased, and the expectation for response time has decreased.

This response time is now critical, with the introduction of Regulation Guide (RG) 271 in October 2021 halving the regulated response time, introducing new recording and reporting regulations, in addition to the penalty for not adhering to the timeframe being severe.

RG-271 accelerator by KASNA

Kasna has developed a specific RG-271 Accelerator to help you adhere to this new regulation in the most effective and efficient way possible with help from Google Cloud’s market leading Machine Learning features. This includes:

  • Workshop to identify success criteria and source data
  • Tenancy setup for PII data
  • Create a landing zone for sample customer interaction files
  • De-identify sensitive PII data
  • Combine speech recognition and natural language techniques to triage calls with signs of dissatisfaction using Machine Learning algorithms
  • Assess performance of the algorithms
  • Suggest further steps to improve model accuracy, e.g. training with domain data
  • Create a path to production and detail the Return on Investment (ROI)

The value of our solution

Our aim throughout this accelerator is to show you the value of our solution, and the speed at which we can deliver this inline with the introduction of the new regulation. With a production implementation providing:

  • Reduce risk of non-compliance through consistent identification of complaints across channels using machine learning models to identify complaints
  • Cost reduction in compliance by avoiding manual intervention to intercept the majority of newly defined RG-271 related complaints, leveraging machine learning models across ingested data from multiple channels
  • Cost reduction in your processing through automated integration into your existing complaints systems
  • Cost reduction in your reporting and reduced risk through automated reporting on a range of key indicators related to RG271

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Our objective is to find a bespoke solution for your business to address RG-271, whilst also providing a roadmap for advancing your technology architecture and one that will deliver a major return.