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Veolia Becomes Cloud-Native and Removes Legacy Applications in Partnership With Kasna




Now more than ever, business leaders are looking for ways to open up savings and realise return on technology investments. A targeted and achievable way to do this is to move people towards a cloud first approach by removing their reliance on locally installed applications that are frequently built on Excel (and saving on licence costs). Undergoing this process provides a real opportunity to modernise business applications and patch up any enterprise-wide security risks.

Veolia Australia and New Zealand reduced their infrastructure footprint and licensing, and managed to consolidate a significant number of applications and made them accessible via a browser. For more info – refer to this detailed customer success story

Overcoming large barrier of entry and cost duplication

Existing Google Workspace organisations, or even prospective customers of Google Workspace considering a switch but unsure how to tackle the reliance on MS Office Applications, will be interested in reading how Veolia Australia New Zealand (ANZ) developed and implemented a local strategy to roll out Chromebooks and make the organisation more secure and productive.

In the case of Veolia ANZ, a global initiative prompted a range of changes, including moving to Chromebooks, Google Workspace and even a standardised cloud printing solution. Veolia’s ANZ adoption of Google Workspace was impacted by the fact that the implementation was managed outside Australia. 

This combined with the fact that there were Excel macros, Access databases and other applications that were built by end users, led to issues with local adoption. There was no centrally managed visibility, management or support of these applications across the organisation which posed a large barrier to entry for Chrome OS.

The partnership between Kasna and Veolia

Two years on, the Kasna team is thrilled to see that Veolia ANZ continues to use the modernised applications and there are many plans to leverage AppSheet for potentially many more. 

Kasna provided us a process to assess, redesign and test the user-developed applications, and they could turn them around very quickly which was important for us to meet our timelines

Julian Lenzo

Digital Program Manager at Veolia Australia and New Zealand

Secure applications - now more important than ever

Technical or business leaders driving digital transformation wanting to improve the security posture of their organisation might be interested in learning how Veolia ANZ’s already strong security posture continues to improve as the business rolls out Chromebooks. 

The project meant moving away from its traditional workplace productivity and collaboration tools, and a mix of desktops and notebooks, to Chromebooks, Chrome Enterprise Upgrade and Google Workspace.


Now more than ever, optimisation of cost is important. Similarly, achieving more efficient ways of working like making an organisation as cloud native as possible and removing reliance on legacy applications is a step towards a transformation mindset that brings greater security to the organisation as a whole. 

Even those organisations that might have made the decision to move to a modern and secure platform such as Google Workspace, may discover that in many instances, they are still paying for Microsoft Office licences. 

To maximise return on investment and remove cost duplication, look to identify reliance on legacy applications and look to Veolia’s example on how to remove these barriers of adoption whilst achieving greater security, and consolidating and modernising applications across the organisation.

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