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Application Modernisation

Migrate your existing on-premises workloads to Google Cloud and turn them into cloud-native applications, step-by-step.

Reduce running costs by migrating to cloud

Increase operational efficiency and employee productivity

Shorten your go-to-market time by setting up continuous release process

Application Modernisation on Google Cloud​

Application Modernisation brings your organisations’ workloads from on-premisis to the Google Cloud Platform, containerising them and deploying them via CI/CD pipelines onto state-of-the-art serverless or PaaS platforms. 

We help you streamline your development and release cycles while lowering operational costs.

Kasna did a great job with migrating OCTOPUS to GCP. I was impressed with the team's knowledge and skills and their willingness to be flexible and accomodate our constantly evolving requirements with respect to the scope of the work. I felt that Kasna were treating us as partners and not as mere clients which ultimately delivered the best outcomes for our project.

Dr. Alexandru T. Codilean - Senior Lecturer in Earth Surface Processes at University of Wollongong

What We Offer

Build, deploy and optimise applications in hybrid and multi cloud application platform

Vulnerability & Patch Management

Application development and delivery with serverless technologies

Implement DevOps in Google Cloud

Migrate traditional apps away from virtual machines and into native containers.

Accelerate application design and development with an API-first approach

How we work

Why Kasna?

Kasna has driven best-in-class Google Cloud application modernisation solutions for our vast and diverse clients. Our exceptional Google Cloud consultants provide a host of solutions to address all the various challenges you may face during the modernisation process.

Meet the Application Modernisation team

Adhish Panta

  • Icon Person Senior Cloud Engineer

Adhish Panta

Senior Cloud Engineer

Building solutions on Google Cloud. Adhish is passionate about all things public cloud, APIs and serverless

Dan Wang

  • Icon Person Cloud Developer

Dan Wang

Cloud Developer

Cloud developer with years of software development experience; specialising in cloud-native, serverless technology, CI/CD, kubernetes and Infrastructure-as-Code.

Nauvoo Perez

  • Icon Person Cloud Engineer

Nauvoo Perez

Cloud Engineer

An inquisitive and driven engineer, committed to delivering solutions that improve business capabilities.

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