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Cloud Migration

Liberating organisations from the datacenter
into the cloud with Google solutions

Operate confidently with advanced security tools which support compliance and data confidentiality

Fast, reliable, secure networking that scales as your business grows

Save up to 32% when you migrate applications to Google Cloud versus running them on-premises

"We brought on Kasna to accelerate our Digital Transformation agenda and to support our cloud efforts by building a scalable and customer focus data platform. The team integrated well into our broader organisation and were able to show tangible benefits within weeks from the initial engagement and then continued to build on that approach, resulting in a deep understanding of our business as well as strong aligned outcomes."

Chief Digital Officer - Laing O'Rourke

Liberating you from the data centre

Sick of the inefficiencies of a data centre and the burden of managing an on-premises environment? Or is your IT team still wasting time patching your infrastructure?

We can alleviate all this by expediting your migration to the cloud.

Three ways to migrate

Lift & Shift

Move workloads with minor to no modifications or refactoring. Great for moving applications and keeping them as-is. This tends to be the quickest migration path and suitable for tight timeframes.

Improve & Move

Modernise the workload while migrating it. Improve and move migrations while you let your app leverage features of a cloud platform, such as scalability and high availability. You can also architect the improvement to increase the portability of the app. On the other hand, improve and move migrations take longer than lift and shift migrations.

Rip & Replace

Decommission an existing app and completely redesign and rewrite it as a cloud-native app. Lets your app take full advantage of Google Cloud features. This route can take longer than Lift & Shift or Improve & Move migrations.

Migrating with confidence to Google Cloud

Are you thinking about migrating to the cloud? Or maybe you know you have to but aren’t sure where to begin? Start here.

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How We Work

Our Kasna Delivery Framework uses innovative principles to simplify engineering outcomes that bridges the gap between business people and technologists. 


Using our extensive experience in agile ways of working, we have developed a unique and well established Agile Framework that promotes iterative planning and fast feedback loops. This allows us to collaborate efficiently and continuously develop solutions to meet the pace of the modern business landscape.

Our approach is flexible

Whether you are just starting your agile journey or you’re an experienced practitioner, our Kasna Delivery Framework allows us to adopt, promote and uplift in one of two ways:

  1. Augment into your team rapidly, adopting a blended delivery model. 
  2. Our teams can work in an autonomous manner via our established way of working.

Both ways will contribute to organically driving agile adoption in your organisation.

Meet the Cloud Migration team

Stephen Bancroft

  • Icon Person Senior Cloud Engineer

Stephen Bancroft

Senior Cloud Engineer

Highly experienced infra and network engineer. Host of the ‘GCPLife’ podcast.

David Wall

  • Icon Person Cloud Engineer

David Wall

Cloud Engineer

Experienced DevOps Engineer with an infrastructure background with over 15 years of leadership and technical experience in the Healthcare and Tech industries. Proven ability to design, deploy, migrate & support infrastructure across multiple towers.

Ian Brown

  • Icon Person Senior Cloud Engineer

Ian Brown

Senior Cloud Engineer

A passionate DevOps Engineer and Software Developer with over 20 years experience. In February 2020 Ian was admitted to the Google Developers Expert program for Cloud Platform and now coordinate GDG Cloud Brisbane.

Ready to get going?