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Cloud Security Services

We keep your environment continuously secure and compliant in the cloud with Google

Improve go to market velocity by reducing the risk of using cloud services

Reduce the number of cloud security incidents resulting in bad press & fines.

Reduce successful cloud intrusion attempts causing disruptions to high value business services

Keeping your environment secure in the cloud

At Kasna, we exclusively use Google Cloud’s security model to deliver world-scale infrastructure in a unique and innovative way to keep your organisation secure and compliant.

Our Process


We run workshops, interviews and questionnaires to dive deep into your area of concern.


We document findings and provide recommendations to you and your business.


We present findings and recommendations. We may optionally prepare a SoW to implement the recommendations.

The Cloud Security services we offer

Infrastructure Protection​

  • We provide secure by design Google Cloud blueprints, infrastructure as code (IaC), and training to expedite your journey to the cloud. Helping you manage risk and meet your regulatory and compliance obligations.
  • We design & implement security controls using Google Cloud native and third party services to protect and defend your workloads.

Data Protection, Privacy

We can assess your data protection & privacy posture and implement or enhance your data governance, classification and data protection strategies in alignment with the Australian Privacy Principles or other jurisdictional privacy legislation.

Cloud Native Application Protection and DevSecOps

We help you shift security left to detect and remediate vulnerabilities at both build and runtime. We can help assess, implement and manage cloud native and vendor security tools to uplift your compliance, vulnerability management, threat detection and response capabilities.

Identity and Access Management

We can assess and optimise your Identity and Access Management, identity governance, and privileged access management solutions.

Why Kasna?

Our specialised Security Team has come from various backgrounds in Application Development, Operations and DevOps in the Cloud, leading to a deeper and more pragmatic understanding of Cloud Security and how to achieve it.

We have years of experience in providing Security Advisory and Security Engineering Services to a wide variety of clients in highly regulated industries (fintech, energy, health), meaning we know what “secure” means for your particular industry.

Meet the Cloud Security team

Alan Young

  • Icon Person Lead Cloud Consultant (Security)

Alan Young

Lead Cloud Consultant (Security)

Security leader with deep experience in application, infrastructure and cloud security.

Zemmeon Walker

  • Icon Person Senior Collaboration Engineer

Zemmeon Walker

Senior Collaboration Engineer

Has many years of experience analysing, configuring and optimising Google Workspace security and related technologies.

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