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Kubernetes and Anthos

We help enable you to build, deploy, optimise, and manage applications in a cloud native way across on-prem or multiple cloud providers.

93% of Enterprises are now pursuing a multi-cloud strategy. We make your dream of “build once, run anywhere and manage centrally” a reality

We build, deploy and optimise your applications simply, flexibly and securely; accelerating application innovation

Leverage all possibilities by the most popular container orchestration platform with a single pane of glass for application management

“Kasna did a great job with migrating OCTOPUS to GCP. I was impressed with the team's knowledge and skills and their willingness to be flexible and accomodate our constantly evolving requirements with respect to the scope of the work. I felt that Kasna were treating us as partners and not as mere clients which ultimately delivered the best outcomes for our project.”

Dr. Alexandru T. Codilean - Senior Lecturer in Earth Surface Processes - University of Wollongong

We make it easier for you to manage containerised workloads across multiple platforms.

Many organisations face several challenges in building, deploying, scaling and managing their digital applications, whether they’re on-prem or on a cloud platform. Additionally, organisations may find it difficult to establish a consistent set of tools to manage and enforce policies, control traffic flows and gain visibility into their Kubernetes services.

At Kasna, we help transform your applications into more manageable, containerised microservices, and move those directly from on-prem or other clouds to run on the Google Kubernetes Engine. 

We’re also passionate about deploying Anthos, which offers a consistent platform to apply configurations and set security policies across all app deployments.

How Kasna works

We follow Google’s proven set of practices and technologies bundled under Google CAMP

We create a tailored path to modernisation for each organisation

We address and resolve existing challenges using Google’s cloud based solutions

How we help you maximise Kubernetes and Anthos

We use containers, service meshes, microservices, immutable infrastructure, and declarative APIs to empower organisations to build and run scalable applications in modern, dynamic environments in the cloud; public, private, and hybrid.

At Kasna, we deploy Anthos as the central application management service for multiple Kubernetes environments, running on Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure or on-prem. Other Anthos services we offer include:

  • Anthos Config management to automatically deploy shared environment configurations
  • Anthos Policy controller to enforce the fully programmable policies
  • Anthos Service Mesh (Google managed offering of Istio) to control traffic flows and API calls between Kubernetes services.

Success Story: API Integration Platform for TPG Telecom

TPG Telecom, a merged entity of Vodafone Australia and TPG Telecom, needed to implement an integration platform capable of supporting API communication across both new digital systems and their traditional IT infrastructure. TPG Telecom chose Kasna to help design and implement their new Apigee based API platform.

Why Kasna?

We offer a specialised team of Kubernetes and Anthos practitioners who have several years of experience in migrating and modernising workloads in the enterprise environments.

With Migrate for Anthos, we can help your organisations combine migration and modernisation into one step – eliminating the need for re-writing your applications or undertaking manual processes.

Meet the team

Sanu Ehsan

  • Icon Person Principal Consultant

Sanu Ehsan

Principal Consultant

Specialised in Solution Architecture, Application & Infrastructure modernisation using Google Cloud Technologies. Passionate about solving problems, efficiencies, automation, learning and mentoring.

Tze Liang

  • Icon Person Lead Cloud Engineer

Tze Liang

Lead Cloud Engineer

Passionate technologist with broad knowledge and experience across large scale private and public cloud infrastructure deployment. Breadth of skills across various operating systems, virtualisation platforms, networks, storage systems, databases, automation, and DevOps tools.

Juelian Siow

  • Icon Person Senior Cloud Engineer

Juelian Siow

Senior Cloud Engineer

DevOps engineer with a  background in on-prem infrastructure  and cloud managed services.

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