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The digital demands of your business are increasing in complexity and pressuring company strategy to adapt to technology change. What choices must be made and what can be postponed? How can an organisation engage the right talent for digital and cloud initiatives? How can new technology translate to tangible financial savings and real competitive advantage?

Even with the best technology, execution is critical to realising the potential of cloud and innovation. Kasna can help you leverage the promises of cloud, whether workload migration, or cloud-native development, by harnessing the power of Google. Whether that is the Google Compute Engine (GCE), Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), BigQuery, G Suite, Data and Analytics, Chrome or Android, we have the experience and depth to get results from Google technologies.

Cloud computing

Compute, networking, storage

We have experience in delivering complex Google Cloud solutions for Kubernetes, Service Meshes, API Management platforms and data engineering pipelines. Kasna has proven methodologies for enablement and acceleration of GCP services and tools which your teams will inherit and build-on.

Whether you are looking to take your first step into Cloud, or are well along your Digital and Cloud strategy, Kasna can make sure you get the best out of your investment with Google – get it done right, the first time.

Solution Accelerators

Helping solve your business problems, faster.

Our Solution Accelerators are ready-to-use components that help address your specific business problems or requests at a rapid speed.

Kasna’s Infrastructure Migration (KIM) offers a solution for businesses to move their essential services onto Google’s Cloud Platform, reducing need for on-premises infrastructure whilst modernising for future advancements.

Kasna’s Infrastructure Exchange (KIX) is a bootstrapping service for Google Cloud Platform. This means that this sets up best-practice, production-grade Google Cloud services in the shortest possible time.

Kasna’s Insights from Data (KID)is a fixed cost, fixed effort engagement to migrate your existing analytical datasets and pipelines to a ready-made best practice data analytics platform on Google Cloud.

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Analytics and
Machine Learning

BigQuery, Machine Learning API’s

Like Google, Kasna’s mission is to turn the world’s data into information and Google’s BigQuery brings all of the power of Google inside your organisation. Kasna brings the experience and knowledge to derive value outcomes for you with Google analytics and ML API’s.

Kasna has extensive digital delivery, cloud architecture and data engineering experience to enable and accelerate your organisations adoption of these game-changing technologies.

Enterprise Marketing Platform

Customers today demand more personalized experiences and businesses must to develop deeper connections to data and to customers. Google now offers advanced marketing and analytics software for large enterprises which reach customers and mine data for the competitive advantage needed in today’s fast-moving digital environment.

Together with Eliiza, Kasna has the skills and experience to deliver Google Marketing Platform and data engineering solutions to your complex business environment. Kasna can help build intelligent marketing integrations which will allow your business to act quickly and achieve goals.

Collaboration Transformation

The future of work with Google Workspace (formerly G Suite)

Organisations of all sizes are evolving to new ways-of-working which fundamentally change how staff interact and communicate with each other, customers and partners.

Google Workspace empowers your workforce to be more productive in today’s hybrid business environment and enables adaptive and innovative ways to engage more efficiently.

Using proven change management strategies and delivery methods, together with expertise across all Google products from the cloud to the end-user device, Kasna’s leading the way in transitioning businesses to Google Workspace securely and efficiently.

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Training and Certification

Meet-ups, Training, Certification

Part of Kasna’s commitment to Google Cloud is to creating a community of Google experts.  At the core of this is our enhanced training program that extends the Google Certification modules and provides real-life experience and insight to accelerate your learning and career.

Because Kasna benefits from the open source and meetup culture within Australia, giving back to the community is a critical activity for us. Kasna contributes back to the community by hosting meetups, brown-bags sessions and sponsors vendor-independent events, all to expand the dialog and advance the industry.

Identity and Security

Cloud Identity, Cloud IAM, Security Command Center

Security must be central and baked-in to all practices within an organisation, from software engineering to end-user behaviours on their devices.

One of the advantages of Google Cloud technologies is that they have been built for the cloud and so have none of the issues inherent in other technologies that have been migrated to the cloud. This is clearly evident in the robust approach to security.
Actionable insights are critical to security and Kasna will help you to ensure that you protect user identities and help meet your policy, regulatory, and business objectives with security solutions from Google Cloud.

Smart Data and Analytics

Like Google, Kasna’s mission is to turn the world’s data into useful information, and Google’s extensive suite of Smart Analytics services spearheaded by BigQuery brings all of the power of Google inside your organisation.

Kasna has extensive digital delivery, cloud architecture, and data engineering experience to enable and accelerate your organisations’ adoption of these game-changing technologies.

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