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Kasna’s Infrastructure Exchange (KIX)

A bootstrapping service for Google Cloud Platform which can be used for learning, development and production. We set up best-practice, production grade Google Cloud services in the shortest possible time &  can be paired with multi cloud or on- premise solutions to empower self-sufficiency for consuming teams.

Fast tracking your best practice Google Cloud foundation

KIX in 30 seconds

Kasna CEO Simon Poulton walks you through what KIX is and who it’s for.

Is KIX Right For You?

KIX is a product for any business who’s looking to deploy a new Google Cloud Platform tenancy or remediate an existing tenancy to a best practice, production-ready state. It works across all industries and is able to be used for highly regulated, sensitive environments.

Problems KIX Solves

Businesses are often challenged by a slow deployment of Google tenancy or the cost of onboarding a best practice Google tenancy. Stand-up or remediation can also be a barrier, preventing extraction of business value by limiting production use cases.

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Why Kasna?

We have wrapped extensive knowledge from working in highly regulated environments such as Healthcare and Financial. Services on Google cloud to provide an automated approach to create a secure, best practice landing zone in Google cloud in record time. With Kasna, a customer can turn multi-month stand-up projects into a low touch deployment.

Our Process

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