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Kasna’s Infrastructure Migration (KIM)

Accelerating Time to Value in the Cloud

KIM Solves Key Migration Challenges Facing Your Business

Cloud Migrations are often uncertain and unpredictable in cost and delivery.

Kasna’s Infrastructure Migration (KIM) is a fixed cost, fixed outcome engagement which gives you confidence and predictability on both budget and deliverables, as well as the option to extend your newly migrated environment to Cloud Native and Data use.

High costs with low value

Long-running uncapped Cloud projects which haven’t delivered a production grade service or any customer value may be draining your budgets.

High risk & security issues

Lack of accountability for project completion at a given cost, as well as incomplete security patterns and gaps in best practice configuration all lead to increased risk. 

Lack of expertise skills

The shortage of skills in the Cloud market, alongside ineffective teams that may be working in silos prevent delivery of value.

Opportunity Cost

Long lead-times to take advantage of cloud native features like data and event-driven architecture may be costing you bucket loads in time and money.

KIM Moves You To The Cloud Faster

KIM in 30 seconds​

Kasna CEO Simon Poulton walks you through what KIM is and who it’s for.

Our Process

Why Kasna?

We’ve built some of the largest and most complex Google Cloud infrastructure environments in Australia. We’ve also worked with some of Australia’s smallest digital natives and many organisations in between. We have a pedigree in infrastructure, but hold advanced qualifications such as Google’s Machine Learning Specialisation.

We have a reputation for creating secure tenancies which deliver on critical business value, and we can help transition companies from legacy approaches to a modern, cloud native, DevOps enabled world.

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