OK Google, what's Next?

Sorry you weren’t able to make it for our Next ’19 recap! It was jam packed morning full of demos and talks covering the major announcements that have us most excited across analytics & AI, developer experience, Cloud ML, networking & infrastructure plus a close up of Anthos.

Access presentations below.

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Kunal Limaye

Google Cloud’s new hybrid, kubernetes management platform spanning on-prem and public clouds. This presentation is unavailable for download, however Kunal is more than happy to take emails for any questions relating to Anthos.

Developer Experience

Ben Ebsworth

An end-to-end view of the Google Cloud developer ecosystem for CD/CD.

Cloud Run

Peter Hall

Google’s managed knative offering for serverless, language agnostic applications. What to use and when…

Networking & Infrastructure

Troy Bebee

New features and roadmap for Google Cloud’s networking and infrastructure.

Cloud ML

Clem Labbe

A practical session on using Google’s new ML services for several use cases.

Analytics & AI

Daniel Bradby

Major announcements such as (Data Fusion, new AI/ML features) plus a bonus update on TesnorFlow Dev Summit.

If you any problems accessing the presentations, please email simon.poulton@kasna.com.au

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